Brian Michael Smith and his trio added a nice musical touch to the Bishop Hartley Evening of Excellence!
– Parents of Hartley Student

Lead singer (Brian) Smith…has the striking voice, swagger and look of a member of the famous Rat Pack.
– David S. Owen, Bexley News

Showcased by some incredibly talented performers including Brian Michael Smith, ….the piece de resistance came with a very powerfully simplistic killer medley: “When Will I See You Again/For Myself/When October Comes”.
– Hopeful Romantics, the Songs of Barry Manilow, Manhattan, NY

With a velvet voice and Sinatra like mannerisms, (Brian Michael) Smith made you feel as if you returned to those magical years.
– A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, Midland Theatre, Newark Ohio

I am listening to you sing as I type this and well, all I can say is, “YOU ARE A PROPER SINGER!”
– Sammy Cahn, Lyricist for countless Frank Sinatra songs